Outgoing IPSEC (over UDP) and multi-wan

  • Hello,

    I've just installed pfSense 2.0 beta5 (i386 - full install - latest build Feb 21st) and I'm using a multi-WAN architecture with two DLS links in load balancing / round robin mode.

    To connect to my office Network, I'm using a Cisco IPSEC VPN client on a laptop on my LAN ; by default, the IPSEC connection is established using UDP 4500.

    I've just observed this morning that when the outgoing IPSEC connection over UDP is established thru WAN2, the connection fails and I can see in the firewall logs an incoming connection from the remote IPSEc gateway (source port 4500) to the IP address of my WAN2 interface. I then have to fallback to the TCP mode on my Cisco IPSEC client to make it work.

    On the opposite, when the outgoing UDP IPSEC connection is established thru WAN1 (and not WAN2), this behavior is not observed and everything runs smoothly as expected.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Same problem with PPTP VPN and MultiWan.
    Connections coming threw WAN1 and outgoing threw WAN2.
    I noticed that outgoing vpn is sent threw Default Gateway, witch is my WAN2.
    Solution for me was changing listening wan port to WAN2. No problems since ehen.


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