Multiple DSL lines instead of T1+ solution?

  • Is there a way I could use 3 -4 DSL lines with my servers to acheive more bandwidth?  I would like split my customers up to connect to the same server but through different DSL lines in order to save ALOT of money on connectivity fees.  My current DSL speed is 6 Mbit down to me and I will have about 30-40 people sending me data for backup like rsync.  I have read that there is some type of multiwan functionality but wasn't sure if I should go that route or if there was a way to connect 4 separate pfsense boxes each with there own DSL line to a dedicated server on the LAN to receive the data.  Would I have to put 4 separate Nics in the box?  The saving huge. about $800-1200 a month in savings if I could do it.



  • The mainproblem with this config is that you have to redirect the clients to different public IP-Adresses as each WAN has a different IP. There are DNS-Services that offer roundrobin name resolution, so every new client trying to resolve your site will get the next IP of the links in the pool (pool includes all your WAN IPs). This way they are balanced to all your WANs. Then you would need a single pfSense with enough nics to connect all your WANs plus your internal networks. You also can use a properly configured vlanswitch if you set this up with vlans and less interfaces. On top of this you need a bunch of portforwards on each of the WANs for your services and firewalls.

    Also keep in mind that for the kind of application the upstream might be more important than the downstream. Not sure what exactly you are trying to do and in which direction the traffic will flow.

  • I don't mind connecting them to a public IP since this is done on their server in an application.  I will dedicate 6-8 customers to each line and add additional DSL lines as growth occurs.  I am not concerned about my upload since I will deliver an external HD if they need to do data recovery.  Most of my customers are within 2 hour drive from my location so it would be easier to restore large amounts of data.  My upload is 768 which would be true for each line.

    So I would need 4 nics in my pfsense box and only one in my server? 
    I am guessing I would need to use a subnet of
    A little unclear how the vlans would come into the equation?

    Thanks for your quick response.


  • 4 DSL-Lines with static IPs
    1 LAN-Subnet
    1 DMZ SUbnet for Servers

    Example 1 (no vlans):

    You need 6 Interfaces:

    Each WAN is connected to a DSL-Modem with it's own subnet.

    Example2 (vlans for the WANs)

    You need 3 Interfaces:
    NIC with VLANS
        - VLAN1 WAN
        - VLAN2 OPT1-WAN
        - VLAN3 OPT2-WAN
        - VLAN4 OPT3-WAN

    The NIC with VLANS goes into a properly configured VLAN-Switch with each WAN connected to one of the Switchports.

  • I think I am following you but just in case I am not….problem is I have no way to really test this scenario out since I do not have more than 1 DSL line coming in at the moment.  Also I want all of the WANS to forward to 1 server on the LAN.  Please see diagram. Do I really need a DMZ?  This will be an isolated network.



    ![Backup Plan2.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Backup Plan2.png_thumb)
    ![Backup Plan2.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Backup Plan2.png)
    ![Backup Plan2.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Backup Plan2.png_thumb)

  • Yes, yolu got it. You just have to make sure that each of the links has a unique subnet and gateway. Multiple PPPoE is not supported but the lines with static IP are usually configured as static. DMZ is optional, I just thought you had other LAN clients sitting around somewhere.

  • By subnet and gateway you mean on the outside and not on the inside. (Outside=Internet) (Inside=lan subnets non routable)  Is this what you mean?  Each Opt interface does not require a separate internal subnet.  Sorry for the additional questions but everything is theoretical for me and only in my head.



  • Correct. You just have to make sure (in case all Lines are from the same ISP) that the gateway for each WAN is different or it won't work.

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