2 'Lines', one server

  • Hi!

    I have two external DSL-Lines (pppoe), and therefor 2 external IPs.

    In my internal network, I have one webserver, port 80.

    Now, I would like to forward both IPs with port 80 to that webserver. Is that possible?
    Will pfSense recognize from which line the request is originating and automaticaly send the request back through that line (gateway)?


    PS. I am using 2.x

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, it works fine. Incoming traffic hits rules that have "reply-to" on them so the router knows the path the packets took in, so they go back out the proper way.

  • okay, thank you for that info…

    I just found out, that my plan wont work :-(
    My two pppoe lines have the same gateway...

    Sooo...I have to put an extra pfSense instance between my 'original' pfSense and one of the pppoe modems.

    How can I forward all the Incomming Traffic from this 'in-between' pfSense to my primary one?
    (I don't want to have to do every forwarding on two places...)

    My public IPs can change (dynamic), so 1:1 NAT won't work?

    Is there any other way?


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