Traffic Shaping stop working

  • We have the following network:
    3M/384K–pfsense(WRAP)--Switch--AP--8 Clients
                                        --- CPs
    First we used the Traffic Shaper wizard then we found a topic with a new Shaper setting. Now we are using this settings (se attach). Bandwidth=Link Share
    We tested this config and it was working good. Sometimes if someone using Bittorrent then we can not download the webpages. P2P queue working, but the others not. This case we barely access the pfsense's webGUI , it is very slow. If we unplug the clients the system will start work.
    We use this settings in a smaller network too and we do not have this issue here.

  • Visit the traffic shaper tips and tricks.  It describes how to diagnose this problem.

    HINT: pay attention to anything mentioning drops *2.

  • We have tested it with monomon and we set the lanack to 12% (we have already set enought wan and lanack). But we have the same result. If we using the webGUI and we use the internet with full speed the monomon will stop working for a sec. That case the pfsense webGUI is very slow. Is this mean the WRAP do not have enough capacity?

  • Most likely, yes.  WRAPS are rather slow for pfSense depending on what your doing.

  • How can I make it faster? What should I use and what shouldn't?
    We use PPPoE, Traffic Shaper, DHCP, DynDNS and Firewall. (lot of clients using bittorrent) I try to unterstand the Traffic Shaper, so I removed some unnecessary rules.
    What do you think? WRAP can handle the pfsense or wmvare should be better.

  • try giving the default rule a verry low priorty on the trafic shaper
    and give port 80,443 the highest priority

    then normal internet will not suffer from the bittrorent and other p2p crap

  • We still got this problem, about once a day the router barely working. We caught a queue graph (when the router is stinky) and we saw a huge lanack speed. (300-1000Kbit/s) We do not have a rule which use the ack queues, expecting default ack queue. I think we found the problem. Do you have any idea?
    I made some tests with Traffic Shaper and I think we found the ideal speedlimit.
    We will try to reconfig the pfsense from default setting.

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