Sorting of DNS-Forwarder entries change in rcs.pfsense

  • I came across this change Should I be able to sort my DNS-Forwarder records now? This would be a great feature for me because I put in entries so I can access my external domain names within the local network. Which works great but if i use a package like banddwithd, when it resolves DNS from the IP for my Web/File server, it comes back with the first entry that I entered in DNS-Forwarder.. I would like to have the computer name show up instead… my current work-around is either put a 0 or a _ in-front of the host name within DNS-Forwarder.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That sorting is only cosmetic when viewing - it does not change the order of the items in the config file.

  • thanks Jim!

    I'll see if I can manually create an entry in the config.xml and see what happens. Looking at the order in my host file, I see it inserts my DNS entries, static IPs then my dhcp clients. Within that order, looks like its IP Address then Host name order. DHCP client have no order it looks like.

    Edit: Manually editing the order in config.xml did the trick for me :-)

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