MultiWAN Help required (Simple Query)

  • Hello,

    We have two DSL connection from the same ISP. Our ISP provide us Dynamic IP on WAN Port of DSL modem and We have fixed IP on LAN DSL Port. I have to Configure Pfsense to work as a LB+RR for two DSL link. Please help. I checked the document, But the confusion is Why I have to enabled DHCP on DSL modem ?
    Please help me.

  • What version of pfSense are you running?  For 1.2.3, I believe you can only set up PPPoE on WAN so if that's what your DLS provider is using you won't be able to configure two DSL WAN ports.  I'm waiting for the production release of 2.0 before I jump in so I have no knowledge of muli-PPPoE connections there but you might want to check it out.

  • I'm using the Netopia DSL modems which have an "IP passthrough"  feature meaning the modem handles PPPoE or PPPoA and assigns the WAN (public) IP to pfSense. There's a small glitch with this, but in the big picture it's working great.

    One issue I might suspect with your setup is you need to change your DSL modem subnet. Say the default is… you can't have both DSL modem connected to the same pfSense with the same subnet, so change one to e.g even if you use the IP passthrough like I describe.