VoIP traffic shapping help

  • I have an Asterisk box on a static IP which is the only thing in the Voip up/down queues.  Connection is 6000/768 dsl.  PfSense 1.0.1.

    Queues (leaving out the lower priority ones that don't matter)

    0  No  730 Kb    qwanRoot
    0  No  5700 Kb    qlanRoot

    ACK    7  No  25 %    qwanacks
    ACK    7  No  25 %    qlanacks
    These both have the ACK/low-delay queue.  Both are set to 10% m2 on real time.

    7  No  25 %    qVOIPUp
        7  No  25 %    qVOIPDown
    Real time is: 400Kb 5000ms 192Kb on both queues.

    I am not showing ANY borrows, suspends or drops on ANY queues when I look at the Status:Queues page.

    Running multiple Voip providers, all with ulaw codec (which uses 64Kb/s).  Rare that I would have 3 simultaneous calls, so 192Kb seemed safe.  I am getting intermittent drops during the calls, mostly during the first 60 seconds.  Which makes me think it has to be the traffic shapper config.  Anyone got any recommendations?

  • qwanack is quite small. Please have a look at

    Also, try qwanroot = 600 kb/s, qlanroot = 4800 kb/s. Sometime it helps.

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