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  • Good morning everyone!

    Gentlemen, I am running PFSense as follows:

    RL0 ==> How LAN DHCP providing for an Access Point

    RL1 ==> How WAN / router out to the edge "Internet"

    I need to add another network card to have access to the network in order to print documents to those who use the wireless network.

    The question is:

    Just put the network card in the slot on the motherboard that PFSense will recognize the same?

    If so, I simply select the LAN setup menu after loading PFSense to addressing or have some special procedure?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Good Morning!  ;D

    It depends what you need to do with it.
    If you are going to use this purely for a network printer and need to able to print from your wireless network you'd be better off buying a switch an connecting it to the LAN interface.
    If you add an extra interface you will have the ability to filter traffic between the two interfaces but it sounds like you don't need that.
    If, however, you already have a spare NIC then you can put it in and pfSense will recognise it (as long as it's supported). Then enable it in the webgui and bridge it with LAN in order to allow your printer to be on the same subnet as your wifi.



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  • Ok.

    I will perform the procedure.

    Thanks for the help.

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