Squid + OpenVPN Tunnel [SOLVED]

  • Well Squids transparent proxy works great on my internal network ( and filters out about every single ad. However I just recently setup an OpenVPN tunnel which network is ( and was wondering how I can bind this network to use Squid to filter out the adds, is this possible?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Assign the OpenVPN instance as an interface (Interfaces > (assign), pick the tun for the server) and then you should be able to select it for use by squid. More info on assigning here:


  • That worked great, Thanks.

    I was just missing the part on adding the tunnel interface.


  • In the Last step of the documentation it states:

    Add Firewall Rules

    Firewall > Rules
       Click the OPTx tab or the name that coincides with the OpenVPN interface(s) you created.
       Add rules
       Save, Apply

    What rules should i add for my proxy to work over openvpn ?
    Should i forward the external port of openvpn 1194 to the internal port of my proxy 8080 ??

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The rules to redirect into the proxy will happen automatically if you select the assigned OpenVPN interface in the squid configuration.

    The firewall rules on the OpenVPN interface should look like the firewall rules on the LAN interface, whatever will allow the clients to access what they need across the VPN.