PfSense behind ISA

  • At my school, we have a Windows environment with AD authentication. The computers connect to the internet trough an ISA-server set up as proxy.
    After a hardware failure on my ISA-server, I had a quick pfSense setup to serve as backup proxy as long as the ISA-server was down. This is how I got into the pfSense world.

    We will now have a new area of the school that will need to be setup with computers and internet. We are planning to do a wireless setup. Once the wireless is active, it won't take long before students ask (or teachers ask them to do so) to bring their laptops. That's when I started to think about a setup with the wireless behind a pfSense with captive portal activated.

    At the moment we only have one physical network, so I was thinking if it's possible to place the pfSense behind the ISA-server acting as proxy for the wireless routers and clients and then sending the traffic to the ISA-server to reach the internet. Is this possible? How would you set this up? Other ideas?

    At the moment we plan to stick with the ISA-server because we have some functionalities on it so that we can't fully migrate to pfSense.

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