How do you setup stateless inspection?

  • i am having a ton of issues with SIP. I seem to be able to make outbound calls fine from inside the network. but multiple connections seem to have issue. I am thinking the stateful inspection is causing issues.

    I have a nortel 1535 phone sitting inside the lan. it registers to i also have three trunks registered to asterisk server.

    if i take this phone on the local subnet behind pfsense and call one of the sip2sip trunks via sip2sip that are on the server. it will dial get audio both ways then after 20 seconds it disconnects on the phone system side. saying call terminated. it seems to still show the call active in sip2sip display until i actually hang up.

    if i call from the inside line it will last longer sometimes then 30 seconds other times. when i do answer it calling from server to stand alone sometimes it will not truly answer saying on screen to ignore or decline call and when hung up it says 1 missed call.

    something is not getting through to the phone and I was told to turn off sip ALG but I do not see that any where . I decided to try and set it to stateless as a last ditch attempt.