Second gw for OPT1

  • Hi all,

    I just started with pfSense today, it seems to work great so far.
    Loadbalancing is fine - but I need a second gateway for OPT1 ;-)

    LAN*                    ->  rl0    ->
    WAN                      ->  bfe0    ->      212.x.y.z static
    OPT1(OPT1)            ->  xl0    -> -> DSL-Router as gateway

    And another ZyWall which is used to connect to 192.168.20.x

    pfSense - OPT1-Switch–-GW
                            |-------ZyWall ->to 192.168.20.x

    I want to go through OPT1 via the Zywall an reach
    Is it possible to add an virtual nic OPT2 on xl0?

    any Ideas?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Just add a static route, for with a gateway of,

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