Need pfSense loadbalance appliance

  • I am not experienced in Linux and Unix. I want to deploy pfSense loadbalance appliance in my network. My network scenario is like this.
    1- I have 7 different fiberoptical internet line from the service provider. Each line has 100Mbps of internet bandwidth.
    2- I need to aggregate all bandwidth in one appliance and distribute to my 5 Windows Media Servers and 2 web servers.
    3- I need to allocate and limit bandwidth according to the demand of the servers uses.
    I have have following limitations.
    1- Each line has 221.X.X.X/30 subnet public IP address where one IP has been used as Gateway in service providers side device which I can not access, modify, and remove.  and one Public IP has directly assign to LAN card of Media server. Here I can not increase the numbers of IPs in each network.
    I need following solution
    1- Bandwidth aggregation,
    2- Load balancing
    3- IP NAT/Masquerading or Port Mapping.
    4- Bandwidth monitoring
    5- Network security
    6- Easy to manage my network.

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