• Is there a way to set up dns rules for a specific IP/Mac address? I have a specific system that I want to block access to certain websites on, however I don't want to block that site for the other systems on that particular network. Due to the nature of the system in question I cannot configure these settings on system itself as it lacks a hosts file equivalent. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this task would be greatly appreciated.

  • Firewall rules can be used to block access from particular IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses to particular IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses.

    Is this for content filtering (blocking porn/gambling/hate etc sites)? If so, you could use OpenDNS (http://www.opendns.com). There are a number of variations of this basic idea. OpenDNS have another DNS that applies a blanket set of blocking rules with no option to tailor them for individual requirements.

  • I am trying to do something similar, because of the nature of https sites, I cannot block them with an external transparent squid, so I would like to block them with domain into pfsense.

    I can redirect the hole domain into pfsense with the dns but there is not an option to redirect based on source ip.

    Without using openDNS is there a way to acomplish this with pfsense?.