Block Proxy List

  • dear all
    i try to config my office router(pfsense) and it work perfect
    but now i have a problem to bound:
    some person use the proxy list (ex:  port:3128) and recure my squeid and other filtering in my policy.
    please help me to resolve it

  • How you users access to ext proxy? Via squid ?

  • they set it in intenet explorer==>tools==>internet options==>connections==>lan settings and set it in proxy server
    for example  set  port:3128
    they dont have access to the internet in working time,
    just they can use outlook and some sites in the working time.
    please give me a way to resolve this problem.

  • You rule with allowed ports - a hole
    You allow connect to any sites via allowed ports. This is for ext. proxies too

  • no
    i just open the pop3/imap/smtp and ftp port and 80
    but they use another port
    pfsense must close another port

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