Auto-changing traffic priority in QoS on pfsense

  • Is there any way to set the priority of a certain protocol automatically (say, http) once a certain amount of traffic has been transferred?

    If you have a look at this screenshot of the Tomato firmware:

    You can see that http transfers are a High priority for burst downloads, but get switched to a lower priority after 512KB has been transferred. Useful for when someone wants to download large files over http without slowing down general web browsing for anyone else.

    Is there any way to do this in pfsense, or if not, are there any firewall distros where this is possible?

  • Did you find an answer to this? I saw the same option in Tomato the other day and wondered if it was something that could be done in pfSense.

  • This is the Service Curve option is for in the shaper config.

    The format for service curve specifications is (m1, d, m2). m2 controls the bandwidth assigned to the queue. m1 and d are optional and can be used to control the initial bandwidth assignment. For the first d milliseconds the queue gets the bandwidth given as m1, afterwards the value given in m2.

  • Thanks, sounds like it's just the thing. Time to go off and have a poke around…

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