Traffic Shaping with Squid Transparent Proxy help.

  • I tried to post in the sticky but dont know if maybe no one saw it because its the sticky.
    So Ill try here:
    I feel kind of stupid….. I have 9 entry's too but thats about as far as I get. I dont get anything after step 4.
    I literally just installed pfsense today and its running nice and solid. My rules to turn off the internet for individual IPs at certain times is working awesome but I need the bandwidth shape some IPs too.
    what is the specific rule I need to make?? I dont understand what it needs to be.
    I think thats the only hangup because step 5 is just check a box and then make sure that the rule from step 4 is good right?
    I go to status/queues and nothings there it just keeps stating loading.....
    is that because I dont have everything configured yet??? only queue thing I have is "in"
    I click reset queues but still nothing.
    Or did I miss something? I setup the firewall/traffic shaper and it shows rules in that section for voip and for penalty box so maybe its just the fact I havent done this whole process to the end yet?

    thanks. Other then this hiccup Im loving pfsense over clearos

    I see that this forum is very active so sorry if I just didnt wait long enough.

  • I tried to change the port assuming that since there isnt a rule to block it then it should work but for some reason no matter what port I try to make it, I can only connect on port 80. When I go back it shows in the webui that the new port is still in the settings but not working…..

    anyone have any ideas?? thanks.

    So I tried to do it and I think its working ..... I took. Had to restart to get the new http port to become active. Then ended up reinstalling squid because it was complaining about some bogus setting. So did that and now everythings running but I still dont have qOthersDownH in my queues. I have:

    I used the defaults from the wizard but setup a penalty box, voip priority and thats it
    any ideas?

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