Nanobsd upgrade - slice

  • If I duplicate a slice, am I safe to upgrade the nanobsd image, I do not have access to the physical device…is this recommended?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you duplicate and then upgrade, you just overwrote the same slice twice. :-)

    When you upgrade, the other slice is written, not the one you're on now. After the upgrade, the newly written slice is used.

  • lol, thanks for the clarification

    also, when I upgrade and if the upgrade breaks something (big), how does the other slice get used (without the web interface) to go back to the old working settings?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    When the system boots you should see a prompt (usually on the serial console) with a 1/2 choice of slices to boot. The number of the default choice is the one currently being used, press the other number to boot the 'old' slice.

    Though if the old slice is 1.2.3 that won't work well, because the config was upgraded, and 1.2.3 would crap out on the config - though you could do a factory reset at that point and restore your old config. You still wouldn't need to reflash at least.

  • good call on the console and thanks for the information!

    I live in Indiana and before I left the server in Boston, MA I setup a serial cable just in case to the PFSense box so if something happens I can get into that work on it remotely.

    Thank you again and I hope the upgrade goes well :)  I have been looking forward to the feature-set in 2.0!!!!

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