2 Public IP assign via Mac - for Lan - DMZ - CP

  • Hey All..

    My first post here, in this greate forum. English is not my best, but i give it a try.

    In short: I have get 1 extra public ip, that i want to be use for my web/mail server (DMZ zone)

    Setup is:

    2 public ip. The ip is be assign by mac adresse. I my case, i have 2 nic, to get my 2 Public ip.

    Pfsense 2.0:

    –--- www -----

    Cable modem. ISP controll - Same Gateway for both public IP

    Gateway -

    ----Switch 1----

    Nic 1 - Public ip 1 -
    Nic 2 - Public ip 2 - (all domains are assign to that ip)

    ----- Switch 2 ------
    Nic 3 - Lan -

    ----- Switch 3 -------
    Nic 4 - Wlan(Captive portal) -

    ----- Switch 4 -------
    Nic 5 - DMZ - 1 server web/mail -

    I hope u can see, that i have split up, the diffent net in "mini" zones, via a switch. It is normal switch.

    U can not guess it.. I can not get it to work. What i have try until now, is read the forum, look on the inet, but simple not getting it.

    I want Public ip 2, to be forward to Nic 5 or something else. So i can have my webserver on that public ip. To surf from outsite and from insite. I need the lan to be able to surf to websites on the web server.

    But can some point in the right way, Cos i have try to make firewalls rules, port forward and trying to play around whit 1:1, and somehow i am ending up, whit. Nothing. It is still the same, It dont work. And i dont get it..

    But is it, a 1:1 nat whit a virtuel privat IP i need, or do u have a ide?

    Best regards


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