Routing multiple subnets

  • We currently use PFSense as a perimeter firewall it does all of our NAT. We recently ran out of public ip's and had another subnet issued to us. The problem is wether I add a new interface or set it up as a static route we can't get it to be reachable from outside. I know I am missing something small, I have been skimming through the pFsense book again and nothing is popping out. Anyone have any ideas?

  • You probably need to talk with tech support at your ISP to verify they are advertising a route to your new subnet.

    It might help to have the output of a traceroute on one of the addresses in the new subnet.

    How are you attempting to access the new subnet? What kind of response do you see to that attempt?

  • It was actually an issue with an internal ACL. Nothing to do with pfsense, sorry for wasting your time! :(

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