Traffic shaper queues on OPT ifaces take generic name

  • 2.0 RC1 amd64

    My OPT intefaces have meaningful names, like WISP, NEIGHBOUR, etc. When I create a shaper queue on these interfaces they show up in the firewall queues as "OPT1", "OPT2" etc, which can be vague and confusing on a system with multiple OPT interfaces.

    Can this be changed so a person sees the queues in the firewall rules page with their parent interface name?

  • Can you be more precise on this, even with screenshots.
    I did not understand anything you stated here :(

  • You can see in the first screen shot that on the Firewall: Traffic Shaper page I have a list of my interfaces on the left. They appear with the names I have given them, WISP_BURGESS, WISP_CHATEAU, etc. I don't want subqueues on all of these interfaces, just a parent queue, so I enable the shaper on that interface, select a scheduler, bandwidth and save.

    Then when I go to create a firewall rule and set the Ackqueue/Queue, in the dropdown list I don't see the named interfaces, I see the generic names, as per the second screen shot. It can be inefficient to try to set queues on my various interfaces when I don't see them here by name, so I was wondering if this list could be modified to display the given name of the interface when selecting the queue.

  • Should be fixed on latest snapshots.

  • Brilliant. Thanks.

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