Mod security 2 servers 1ip

  • I've tried this off and on over the last few months and have had no success.  I can't find anything when I google besides complaints. Please, somebody tell me how to do this, I just want access to both of my windows home servers with a single external ip address.  If another way exists that I can accomplish this, that would be awesome.

    I installed pfsense back in aug. 2010 and have loved it. One major problem…. Most this stuff is new to me, and if I can't find clear answers (or any) in google, I'm often lost. Thank you for any help....

    P.S. Dumb it down for me.

  • Don't feel bad, I couldn't get it to work either. And I know a few things about servers/networking crap..

    If you don't mind doing some command-line work, look at my post from last week:,33566.msg174126.html#msg174126

    I think its pretty straight forward what i wrote but i haven't gotten any feedback yet..

  • Bummer. I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge of your post, but I might try it. Thank you for the info!

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