How to install two ISP connections: WAN:ADSL, OPT:Cable PPTP.

  • Please describe me how can I define the interfaces if I need connect to two ISP. The WAN interface must be PPPoE with static IP, OPT interface must be PPTP or other protocol wich working with the cable internet. Only in the WAN interface I can Select PPPoE or PPTP.  The choice in the OPT interface may be or ¨static"or ¨DHCP¨ only. The version of pfSense is 1.0.1 embedded (installed on CompactFlash). Hardware: Micro (form factor) computer with 3 LAN sockets. Please help.

  • you should use a hardware router or something between pfsense box and your cable internet. or you should define cable internet as a WAN interface and use ethernet adsl modem configured as a router on the opt1 interface.

  • Is version from CVS can solve this problem?  ???

  • i dont know, but as far as i know pfsense support only one pptp/pppoe interface.

  • This limitation might be dropped in an upcoming version but don't take this as a promise. If it is doable the next major version might support multiple PPPoE-Clients. Not much tested so far.

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