Nanobsd image size to large

  • I just received two new ALIX firewalls from Netgate.  They both had 2GB SanDisk Ultra CF cards preloaded with pfSense 1.2.3 so I decided to re-flash them with the current 2.0 RC1.  No Go!  the image file was larger than the CF cards could hold.  Is it time to shrink the image size a little more?


  • The answer might depend on how many megabytes on the cards. (How much shrinkage needs to happen?)

  • well windows list it as 1908 MB or 1.86 GB.  also, I was initially using Win32DiskImager to write the image when I got the error about the disk being to small.  however, I was able to write the image using physdiskwrite. but I did notice a normal 2 GB CF ends up with 46 MB unallocated and work fine with Win32DiskImager whereas the one in question, that I had to write with physdiskwrite, ends up with zero unallocated space.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Not all CF cards are created equal.

    Disappointingly, not even all 2GB CF cards from the same range from the same manufacturer are created equal!  ::)

    However I just use the 1GB image and that always fits.  ;D


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