Free Wireless across delmarva -fWad-

  • Hello me and my friend are starting a free wireless project in our area.  Currently we have 2 access points on long ave and 1 on riverside dr salisbury md. Using 21 dbi dish antennas we can cover quite a bit of distance LOS. We are using all pfsense and bringing all the connections to 1 location. we have a t-1 and a broadband connection and are planning to offer 128kbs\64kbs and block everything, but http for free
    and then have higher packages for a monthly cost maybe 512\384 and 1024\512. not sure how we are going to do the account prolly pppoe is easiest. Anyway i was curious if their was any other pfsense fans living in the area that would like to help out on our cause.  hopfully becoming a paid position if successful.

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