General security without Snort (don't have enough RAM to run this!)

  • I am a bit concerned over my servers security.

    Now I have witnessed an attempted SYN attack against my server, kept looking at my servers log file, on my centos 5 server, now it was logging the attacks in the pfsense firewall, but is there anyway of installing say portsentry on pfSense?

    This is a decent security service to defend against such attacks, snort does too as I understand, but unfortunately I do not have enough memory for it to run adequate security, portsentry does not take up as much memory for it to run at all.

    I would like it if you could refer me to a tutorial where I can go about installing portsentries on my pfSense router, as I said I cannot use snort on this node, there really wouldn't be much point since all the data I hold on this server is of course test data, just to illustrate what I can do for clients etc.

    I will at some point be upgrading that node in due course, but for now I will most definately have to not bother with snort (pitty as I know its a decent security system but my system resources just will not be able to handle it!).

    Any replies are appreciated,

  • Actually dont worry I have installed Snort will keep an eye on my system resources though!

    So sorry for the question but seems to be fine for now.

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