Passing IPv6 traffic through pfsense unmolested

  • Since pfsense doesn't currently support IPv6 I'm attempting to just get pfsense (in filtered bridge mode) to allow thought IPv6 traffic but all radvd traffic is being blocked by the default deny rule so my network can't get the IPv6 addresses being announced by my ADSL router.

    The Allow IPv6 traffic option in on in System: Advanced functions but that makes no difference so I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to get this working or whether I should just give up on pfsense and go back to m0n0wall.

  • Have you read the welcome to this board message? Really?

  • Yes I have but that seems to cover modifying pfsense to enable full(ish) IPv6 support.

    I don't want IPv6 tunnel endpoint, routing or firewalling at the moment, those are taken care of, I just want to get pfsense to obey the pre-existing Allow IPv6 traffic checkbox and allow IPv6 traffic through.

  • It appears I don't understand you.

  • I think he's talking about the settings under Advanced -> Networking -> IPv6 Options. I don't understand these options myself specifically the IPv6 to IPv4 NAT encapsulation. Do I check the box to allow IPv6 and NAT encapsulation then enter in my WAN address? I would have to set up a DHCPv6 server and then this would allow access to IPv6?

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    Have not done this since moved tunnel endpoint to my pfsense box.. Much better way to do it!!  Now you have firewall control at pfsense, etc.

    But to allow the tunnel endpoint to be box on lan side of your pfsense box, allow ipv6 traffic and put in the lan side IP address you want to be the endpoint, example or something, whatever the IP of your box is that is going to be the endpoint of your ipv6 tunnel.