Feedback on pfsense performance with DOCSIS 3.0 cable

  • Hi,

    my specs:

    Appliance with Via C7 1GHz CPU , 256MB RAM, 1GB CF card, Intel dual gigabit pci server NIC.

    I use the Intel card for LAN and WAN and the 100MBit/s onboard NIC as OPT-1 for my Wifi access point.

    Using pfsense 2.0 RC1 built on Mon Feb 28 18:12:00 EST 2011.

    Services I use:

    • NAT/Firewall
    • OpenVPN
    • DNS Forwarder
    • Traffic Shaper (Wizard)
    • DHCP

    I just got my DOCSIS 3.0 cable connection (100Mbit/s down, 6MBit/s up) and I am happy to report that with a cpu load of about 70%, I get full bandwidth of my cable connection, yay! I can download from Usenet with about 10 MB/s (yes, megabytes per second) while still having snappy web surfing.

    Getting to know pfsense in the last month with my 16MBit/s DSL connection seems to have payed off. I had the feeling PPPoE in pfsense is somehow sluggish and feared my appliance might not have enough muscle to handle the DOCSIS 3.0 pipe, but I am happy to report that this setup is very very nice.

    Thank you, pfsense team :-)

  • I also have pfsense on my 50/5 DOCSIS3 connection. Works pretty good.

    100/6? Wow and I thought I was bad with the upload speed.

  • it's common in Germany, where I live… you get sh!tty upload speeds across the entire bandwidth of products you can order... DSL has 16MBit/s down and max 1MBit/s up, VDSL has 50/10... but is expensive compared to all the other things. You can of course get a SDSL line with 6/6 or even 100/100 for tons of money. 100/100 at a company rate costs about 1500€/month.

  • I got an ATOM D510 CPU (Supermicro X7SPA-HF) with a cable connection of 120/10. The CPU is running circles around my cable connection.
    CPU tops around at 25 - 35% when downloading at 15 MB/s. Using Intel LAN NIC's BTW and misc. packages such as SNORT with all rules enabled

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