DHCP/User problem (resolved)

  • Using the most recent snapshot (at the time of the problem), yesterday I had a problem where some computers couldn't get Internet access while others could.  I traced it to DHCP server being down.  Further investigation showed that earlier in the day when I created a static entry, I didn't use the : symbol between the characters.  While everything appeared to be working in the GUI, the logs showed the DHCP server wouldn't start due to formating in the config file.

    I thought a previous version of PFSense would stop me if I didn't format the MAC address correctly.  I realize there is a note on the web page, but I overlooked it yesterday morning.

    I just thought I'd bring this up in case it is easy to change in the GUI or if others run into the same problem.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Looks like the is_macaddr() function we use to validate was changed a while back and started considering a mac valid if it didn't have :'s between each part. I'm committing a fix, it should be back to rejecting invalid MACs when it gets picked up in snapshots.

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