Pf 2.0 does not install on torqx ssd

  • HARDWARE - relatively new supermicro D510 atom server with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB TORQ X SSD

    ATTEMPTED UPGRADE FAILS - from 123 32 bit to 2.0 32 bit. The upgrade stopped at assigning interfaces. Manually assigning LAN interface ip would not take after reboot. I could ping Reset to factory defaults lost the LAN interface - pf would not see it. Command line ifconfig saw the interface and brings up the interface with an ip address. But pfsense would not acknowledge it - i.e. does not show it on the console screen.

    Tried fresh 2.0 install of 32 and 64 bit. Encounter the same error - the system (dmesg) does not see the ssd.

    BACK TO 123
    Losing faith in my technical skills, attempted to boot back to pf123 32 bit. 7 minutes later, the firewall was back.

    I think FBSD 7.3 is having problems recognizing the ssd. Curiously FBSD 7.2 (which 123 is based on I believe) has no problems.

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