Keep the router or not?

  • I’m looking to replace an IPCOP box with pfSense, and I’m looking for any general suggestions on best practices. Particularly, is there any benefit to having a router in front of the pfSense box?

    Currently, I have IPCop connected to a Cisco 2800 that is connected (via a single Fe port) to a Nortel SR1002 with a pair of bonded T1s. I’m not sure that there is any benefit to keeping the router…. Couldn’t I just connect pfSense directly to the Nortel?

    I plan to also use an already existing cable connection for dedicated web browsing. That is, desktop http traffic.


    Nortel -> Cisco 2800 router -> IPCOP Lan -> switch (192.168.1.x) -> fiber to 2nd building -> switch (192.168.2.x)
                                              IPCOP DMZ -> switch -> servers
                                              IPCOP wireless -> wireless Linksys routers


  • Yes, you can connect directly to the Nortel, and it sounds like your Cisco isn't doing anything for you so you may as well remove it.

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