Dual Wan VLAN and Untangle

  • Hi all, long time reader, first time poster here, these forums have helped me many times before and hopefully now you can help again.

    Here is what I have:

    DSL and Cable internet, running into a pfSense box which will load balance just fine. I also have another pfSense that I was toying with VLANs on and got it working. I also have an Untangle box in production that does web filtering and such.

    Please note that the VLAN pfSense is just a test environment, not in production.

    I would like to run a single pfSense box that will dual wan and run my VLANS. That I can do, but I also want the Untangle box to filter all the traffic.

    I was thinking about running out of the LAN on the pfSense box into the Untangle, and out of the Untangle into VLAN27. I would then go into the firewall rules and set all the VLANs access to VLAN27 and lets say the ip range on VLAN27 is I would have the Untangle be and would just go into the DHCP server and set the gateway as for each VLAN.

    Would this work? If not what is the problem? If I wasn't clear on something please let me know.

    I searched the forums and couldn't find something like what I was looking for, sorry if I over looked it.

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