Load balancing outbound and no nat

  • we are trying to test load balancing on outbound connections with no nat enabled.
    what seems to happen it the load balacer seems to disappear from the traceroute and becomes unreachable

    loadbalancing looks like it is working though


    traceroute shows

    state table in the loadbalacer box shows all the states correctly.
    the problem is there is no access to the loadbalancer box at all.

    it just vanished but works

  • i think i understand this better now so you have to ensure that you put default rules to allow to the subnets that are local so that they do not fall into to poolgateways

    like source lan destination loadbalance_lan_ip default gateway

    the source lan desintiation * loadbalance gateway.

    so now i have load balacned carp routed on bgp

    thanks very much

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