Help and tips regarding replacement install in running production env.

  • Hello,

    Im relatively new to pFsense and I havent found answers to my promblems while searching the wiki and the forums.

    We have a current install of pFsense 1.2.2 and we aim to replace it with a brand new hardware with 2.0-rc install. My problem is how to go about installing the new hardware "offlline"?
    Id like to install the new machine on the side while having the current one still active so that I can manually "replicate" the current setup. Once I have a setup on the new machine i can change the IPs for all the nics to the production IPs and make a switch.

    Also, it seems that the pfSense installtion default has the dhcp server service running. Can I disable it during the install? since we are running a separate dhcp server im afraid this might cause some troubble.

    Im am greatful for any tips and pointers on how I should proceed.

    Best regards

  • Netgate Administrator

    You should have no problem doing this.

    I would suggest backing up your config file and using it in the new install but 1.2.2 -> 2.0RC may not go smoothly. Unless you have a lot of firewall rules and other config to copy it may be easier to just copy it manually.

    Disabling DHCP is straight forward through the web gui. It can be enabled/disabled on each interface so check you've disabled them all (if you have more than one internal interface).


  • Hi and thanks for such a quick answer.

    So if i plug in the new machine in to our Lan switch (and into the Wan switch since installation seems to demand this) can I get it to pick up an IP from our internal DHCP server or do I need to set it manually?
    I just want it to show up on the Lan as any other machine so I can configure it from my office instead of sitting in the noisy serverroom. Also, are there any problems configuring the other interfaces even tho they are not plugged in?


  • Netgate Administrator

    You don't need to have the NICs connected for the install it just uses the status for auto detection. Instead you can just enter the interfaces manually.

    I would expect your pfSense box to have a static IP (not DHCP) since your DHCP server will have to point all your LAN clients at it to get internet access.
    Anyway all this information should be in your current pfSense box so you can copy it across.
    I take it you didn't setup the original box?


  • Hi,

    Yes its true I didnt set up the original box ;) Yes its going to have static IP but I need it to take over the IPs the box in production has.
    So I need to set it up on a different IP initially so I can play around with it and "duplicate" the rules/settings/options. Once that is done Im planning to change the IPs to the production IPs and just neatly shut down the old box, jack in tp cables in the new box and start it up. :)

    Anywho. Your answers has given me enough information to go on and I think I can start messing around with this now.

    Thanks for the help!

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