No DHCP on WAN after upgrade to latest snap

  • Running the snapshot of 2.0 RC1 from 3/3/2011

    Was previously on 3/2/2011 and had no issues.  Ran the auto update to the latest snapshot today.

    My WAN interface now no longer automatically obtains an ip address after a reboot.  I have to drop a shell and run

    dhclient re1

    then everything seems to work fine.  If I just try pressing renew on the diag–>interfaces page it still doesn't work.

    Nothing much in the logs

    php: : ERROR! PPTP enabled but could not resolve the $pptpdtarget
    Mar 4 03:43:08 php: : Could not find gateway for interface(wan).

    Anywhere in particular i should look?



  • @madas:

    Anywhere in particular i should look?

    Check the system log (web GUI: Status -> System Logs, click on System tab) for dhclient entries.

  • Show complete system log and the wan interface configuration screenshot.

  • Screenshots and log attached.  Nothing about dhclient in the system.log

    ![if status.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/if status.jpg)
    ![if status.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/if status.jpg_thumb)


  • @madas:

    Nothing about dhclient in the system.log

    On my running system, vr0 is my WAN interface and gets its address by DHCP.

    ps ax | grep dhcl

    8726  ??  Is    0:02.13 dhclient: vr0 [priv] (dhclient)
    13941  ??  Is    0:03.49 dhclient: vr0 (dhclient)

    Some people have reported in pfSense 1.2.3 that dhclient apparently quietly dies.

    You should see dhclient report its startup in the system log (WEB GUI: Status -> System logs, click on System tab) soon after system startup but it might disappear from the system log if a lot of other events are reported. If I recall correctly, someone recently posted some suggested changes to dhclient startup in pfSense 2.0 to make it more robust.

  • Hello,

    The log i attached is directly after startup.  I cleaned the log before i rebooted so no events have been missed as far as i can tell.

    Very strange.

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