No routing after upgrade

  • HI - I updated to the latest release (from a release about a day or two ago) and I've lost routing.  I can get to the server from externally, but it wont talk to my local network.

    There's an alert on the top :
    filter_load There were errors loading the rules /tmp/rules.debug
    syntax erropfctl  Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded.  The line in question reads:
    pass in quick on $LAN proto from to any keep state label "USER_RULE: Default LAN to any rule"
    state label USER_RULE Default LAN to any allow

    What's the syntax problem with that line so I can get this up again?

  • I got it - after I removed the Firewall Autoblock rule (only had 5 IPs from China), I could got to LAN from outside.  But LAN couldn't get out.  Turns out it was DNS that couldn't get out - I got web by IP address ok.  I changed LAN Allow All rule to be UDP/TCP from TCP and its all working now.

  • i had an routing issues too.
    and spent way to long getting it to work properly.

    End result, i did a fresh install and now everything is silky smooth performing great

  • Ok, happy to see I'm not alone there ;)

    I've just reported the issue here:

    It's a rule generation issue, iow, a bug in some PHP file.

  • I provided a fix for the build of today…

    /etc/inc/, change line 1763 from
    if(isset($rule['protocol'])) {
    into =>
    if(isset($rule['protocol']) && !empty($rule['protocol'])) {

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    To easily pull in the fix, you can also use gitsync (,33909.msg176091.html#msg176091). It's been committed and new snapshots are building now. Should be up in a couple hours.

  • I don't know if it is related to this fix, but with today's (5th of march) snapshot I have issues with multicast and upnp detection and NAT.

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