Prioritize OpenVPN and VoIP traffics

  • Hi,

    I'm using pfSense 2.0-BETA5 router on my network. I have 4 internal lan subnets and 2 different locations. These two locations were connected by OpenVPN(TCP) tunnel directly this router. There are two more pfSense routers on the other sides. I want to prioritize OpenVPN traffic on top of all other packets. Then I have asterisk server behind of the firewall. I also need to prioritize voip traffic.

    Anyone know how can I configure this settings without default wizards?

  • Need a pictorial representation of your setup for a more complete answer.

    The short of it is:  Catch your VOIP traffic by using the IP address of the Asterisk server in the rules.  Catch your OVPN traffic by using the destination port (address as well if both sides have static IPs).

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