• Running 1.2.3 Would like to backup my current 1.2.3 settings, and do a clean install of 2.0 RC. If all goes well, and I do a restore of my settings, should OpenVPN work? That is keep the certs and such?


  • It's supposed to work, and I believe generally does.  However, I had issues with the upgrade, including OpenVPN problems:  See this thread.  Note that I did NOT do a clean install, but updated from within pfSense, so ymmv.

    I also had other issues with the old config (packages) so deleted all packages and restored from a 1.2.3 backup that did not include packages, then reinstalled pkgs manually in 2.0.  One of those was OpenVPN extensions which may have caused the OpenVPN problems; however, I only had one client so chose to regenerate CA and certs using 2.0's cert manager.  If you want to retain your current certs etc, make sure you have a backup of those files, separate from the config.xml, on another machine and you can re-install them into 2.0 if something goes wrong with the update.

  • Thank you for help.l

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