Issue creating internal certs - can not fill in fields

  • Hi all,

    Installed a new copy of 1.2.3 and then upgraded it to 2.0RC1 to see how it would go. So far OK but am running into a few issues. I tried to create a cert for the webgui and I ran into an issue.

    When I try to create an internal cert the
    Country Code : 
    State or Province : 
    City : 
    Organization :

    fields are un editable. I can not put any text into them. I have tried this in Chromium and FF.
    This box had been updated to the latest image as of 12:20AM CST. Note email address and common name fields are fine but you obviously get an error when you try to create the cert.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Never mind. Sorry, looks like I messed up when I imported an already existing CA cert and key. My Bad.

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