Wan with private ip : will dyndns detect external ip and detect changes?

  • Hi,
    First thanks for pfsense: it provides me all the functionnalities i've been looking for in such a disro.

    Question though: my isp gave me a modem that will provide through dhcp some private ips. pfsense being between that box and my lan. There is now way to get the public ip assigned directly to pfsense. It has to use an internal ip for wan.

    Will it detect the external ip to update accordingly my zoneedit account? If I look at the logs it doesn't seem to:
    Jan 15 14:06:33 php: : DynDns: Running updatedns()
    Jan 15 14:06:33 php: : DynDns: updatedns() starting
    Jan 15 14:06:33 php: : DynDns: _detectChange() starting.
    Jan 15 14:06:33 php: : DynDns: Current WAN IP:
    Jan 15 14:06:33 php: : DynDns: Cached IP:
    php: : phpDynDNS: No Change In My IP Address and/or 25 Days Has Not Past. Not Updating Dynamic DNS Entry.

    Will it be able to detect the external ip renewal so that the update of my dns record occur right after that?

    Thanks for your advices.

  • Hi,
    You need to get into your modem (via web browser prob, read the docs for the modem) and change it to "bridge mode" then set your pfsense box to dial out via ppoe.
    I'm new here too but thats my setup

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