Unable to login (help)

  • I am new to this organization and I am having problem login into the pfsense box.
    The model is 1.2.3-RC2

    I have been able to login a few times before in the last couple of months.
    Then last week when I need to login to make some changes, it would not let me it.
    Keeps giving me this message: A username and password are being requested by The site says: "."
    I have very little experience on FreeBSD or pfsense.
    The strange thing is that I can't even remote desktop into my work PCs.  There are 2 of them in my office and I cannot remote in.
    There are a couple of others that are setup to remote into their PCs and they have no trouble using remote in.
    Those are the 2 problems.

    I have read about how to reset password, but there is no console connected to it.
    Don't even know where to start from there.

    I would really appreciate any help I can get on how to reset the password or setup the console so I can get in to reset the password.

  • You should start by upgrading to 1.2.3 release, since there's no point in running a release candidate this long after the final version was released.

    Then try connecting a console and use that to reset the password. Then you'll also be able to see if there are any errors on the console that might explain your problem.

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