DNS not working for windows domain.

  • I have setup a PFSense box infront of my domain but i am unable to access the internet via domain computers. Computers that are not attached to the domain are able to access the internet but domain computers can't. I have the domain controller in a virtual environment. All computers domain or not get an ip address from the DC which also has a DHCP and DNS server.

    I have set the pfsense box as a forwarder in the domain dns server but am still unable to get to the internet from domain computers.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • What do your computers use as their DNS? (pfSense?, domain controller?, something else?)

    Can you access a DNS correctly from a pfSense shell?

  • I realized I should have probably included more information. I am running PFSense 2.0 RC1 infront of a windows 2008 r2 domain controller. PFSense is set to be just a forwarder to my ISP for the network and the domain controller is set to be the DNS Controller along with active directory and DHCP. DHCP forwards correctly from PFSense to the DC but not DNS. I also have the DC virtualized via hyper-v.

    Sorry for the delay. I encounter some trouble last night that merited little sleep >.<

  • I have pfsense and a windows domain also . Here is my setup

    in pfsense  I only allowed certian ports out like http https imaps smtps pop3s

    B/C I did that I setup another rule that has my servers ip address in it allowing them to use port 53(dns)

    pfsense runs dhcp with my active dir servers as the dns

    on my active directory servers the forwarders are set to opendns.orgs dns servers

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