Dell 850/860 won't upgrade or install 2.0 rc1

  • running a dell 850/ 2.8gz pen dual core and pfsense 1.2.3.

    loaded the i386 full upgrade, tried upgrade.  it 'did its thing' then rebooted.
    at reboot, got the 'unable to mount' ufs:/dev/ad4s1a

    boot from i386 2.0 rc1 and try recovery mode.  rescue config.xml
    points to ad4:  drive.
    gets error 1.

    boot from amd64 2.0 rc1, same thing.
    boot from 'non pfsense' freebsd 6.4 disk, make sure drives arn't trashed.  run fsck -y on all of them.

    boot amd64 rc1 and try a 'simple install'  fails at ../bsdlabel /dev/ad4 .

    boot amd64rc1 on a different dell, a dell 860.

    try simple install.  same problem.  can't see to actually write to /dev/ad4.

    NOTE: FREEBSD SCREWED UP THE ATA DRIVERS with freebsd 6.4+, and Ill bet the 8.0 kernel you have doesn't have the byte patch.
    email me at, I'll give you the patch, but Id like a boot disk back :-)

  • several machines, some running pfsense 1.2.3, some just running freebsd.
    boot iso won't install, fails trying to write to ad4:

    TO FIX IT, I needed to boot a recovery cd and zero out the first 512 bytes of the drive.  not good. means upgrades will always fail.

    then, everything loaded fine from boot cd (but of course, I could not upgrade)

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