Freezes when Booting from RC Install CD

  • I have two laptops.  Toshiba Portege M400 and an older Portege 3500.  When I try a 2.0 CD, it won't even get past an attempt to boot from the things.  It freezes at something like what's below.  Doesn't even attempt to go farther.  I've tried tons of snapshots too, all of them do the same thing.  The M400 is Pentium M based, 3500 P3, so I'm doing this on x86 builds.

    Bios Drive A: Disk0
    Bios Drive C: Disk1

    Edit:  I should note all 1.2.x's work fine.  It does the same from a USB stick as well.  I've now tested it on a Toshiba m200 and M4, they all do the same thing.

  • i have found some boot loader issues. try zeroing our the first 512 bytes of the drive, ie: /dev/ad4s
    (ls /dev/ad if ata, da* if not)

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