Dashboard Interface Stats Error

  • I'm using 2.0-RC1  (i386) built on Mon Feb 14 02:12:45 EST 2011.

    After disabling the interface OPT3 (which is used as default gateway) the Bytes In and Bytes Out counters in Dasboard's Interface Statistics stop counting. And they remain stopped even when OPT3 is re-enabled.

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    And today is March 6,

    And there is a snap dated
    Sun Mar  6 03:05:44 EST 2011

    Why would you not update to that, before posting your problem..  Your snap is like 3 weeks old, lots of stuff has changed in 3 weeks!

  • My firewall is in production so I can't update it at will.

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    Um so its a production device – Yeah I know they stated it was stable for production use in the announcement and all - but your going to have to be able to update it.. The RC1 they have for download now, it different than the one your running. They have had many builds since that date.

    And again, your issue was prob fixed in one of the many snaps since that build date.. But you can not update -- so how do you expect it to get fixed? ;)

    I don't have any opt interfaces -- but I can tell you not counting issues for bytes in and out on the dashboard.

  • Thank you for the info. I'll report back as soon as I have it updated.

    Recently, some bugs are fixed but more bugs are introduced so it is hard to decide when to update.

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