X500 Watchguard

  • I am running X500 with 1.2 GHZ processor and 128 MB of ram.  I have a 4GB flash card.  I am wondering if I can run verion 2.0 on this configuration.  I trying to use want I have without buying new equipment.  I am trying to find ram for the watchguard.  It is extreamly hard to find.

    I love to find some ram.  Anybody got any for sale?

  • I went to a local 'used' computer store with my watchguard x1000 with the cover off and tried a used 512m stick. Worked great, but after reading about others who had problems I thought it best to try it instead of mail ordering one. Good luck.

  • I found a Kinston memory 512 module for $12.00 including shipping. 

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