Is this possible with Pfsense?

  • Let's say my pfsense box delivers subnet Now, I have 3 computer connected:

    PC1 (
    PC1 (
    PC1 (

    My total available bandwidth is 20.0000(down)/1.200(up)

    I would like to let PC1 and PC2 have maximum available shared bandwidth = 10.000/256. If PC1 uses all available bandwidth, QOS should give PC2 priority.

    PC3 should have a maximum bandwidth of 15.000/512.

    Is this possible?

  • Yes

    Make a queue for pc1 and 2, edit that queue to have a max as described above, set it to have a priority of 3 or so just make it smaller then the next queue you will make.

    Make another queue for pc3, edit that queue to have the max described, give it a priority of 5.

    Go status > Dhcp server > and statically map the macs of those three computers to an IP

    under aliases make an alias for each group

    Make rules that tell each alias to go to its corresponding queue, make sure to make both an inbound and an outbound rule for both.

    The aliasing is optional, but will make it more dynamic and easier to change in the future.

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