IPsec From iOS and MacOS

  • I just loaded today's build and I am not able to establish an IPsec VPN client connection to an ASA from both my iPhone (4.2.1) and my MacBook Pro (10.6.6).  Interestingly enough, I am able to establish a connection from a W7 VM using Cisco's 32-bit VPN client ( using both UDP and TCP transport tunneling protocols.  The error I get on the MBP is "The VPN server did not respond.  Verify the server address and try reconnecting."  I am able to telnet to the VPN server on 10000/tcp from the same host.  My iPhone essentially throws the same error ("The VPN server did not respond.").  Since I am able to establish connections from my W7 VM, I am beginning to believe that the packet filter suddenly became biased against Apple devices for one reason or another.  Any hints/ideas?

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