NanoBSD upgrade from 1.2.3 to 2.0 RC1 size question

  • Ok so first of all let me tell you what happened.

    I upgraded (remotely) a router based on the ALIX platform with a 2gb CF card.  When I first logged into 1.2.3 before the upgrade, I saw it was a 1gb slice, so my first instinct was to grab the 1gb upgrade.  Everything upgraded to 2.0 fine other than my config was lost.  I made the drive to the office to check it out, realized it's a 2gb CF card (not a 1gb as I first thought) and was surprised it even worked after the upgrade.  My second slice was untouched, still had 1.2.3 so I booted to it and grabbed the config from it, I had copied slices before I started basically because I didn't really know what I was doing. ;)  I booted back to the 2.0 RC1 slice and restored the config, everything is working fine.

    So my question is this.  Should I have upgraded with the 2gb upgrade vs the 1gb?  I have about 7 more of these ALIX boxes to do and I want to make sure I'm doing it right.  I've searched the forum but came up with conflicting and confusing information.  From what I gathered from my limited research, I should have used the 2GB upgrade.  Is that correct?

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    If it's a 2GB nano image (check /etc/nanosize.txt) use the 2GB upgrade.

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    There might be good reason that your system is using a 1GB image. For instance some newer "2GB" cards are not big enough to fit the 2gb image. Or it could be, like me, that who ever wrote the card couldn't be bothered to write a 2gb image since it takes so damn long over a usb 1 connection!  :P
    There's no real disadvantage to using a 1gb image and it's guaranteed to fit.


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