User roles -additional services

  • Hi;
    Is it possible to create user with admin role, but for dedicated service installed as a additional package?
    I need to create an admin with access to proxy server and proxy filter - does anybody know how to do this?

  • Hi,

    Create a User or a Group and then edit the user or group and scroll down to: "Effective Privileges"
    There you can add the menue pages the user/group should have access to.

    My problem with this is, that additional packages do no create a link in the "Effective Privileges". This is for example by squid or lightsquid.

    If someone has a solution for this, please tell me.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is not yet a solution for that. All of the packages are lumped together under the Packages permission.

    It's something we plan on addressing in 2.1 but it's too big of a change to squeeze into 2.0 yet.

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